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About Custom Glass Design Glass Splashback for Kitchen Renovations and Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

CGD Custom Glass Designs is a central Gold Coast based business. You could say, we are a company that has evolved from my existing custom painting crash repair business which I have been running.

Responsible for some award winning custom motorcycle paint schemes and vehicle airbrushing using effects such as gold and silver leafing, pin striping airbrushing and so many different effects that I have perfected over the last 20 years. Being very creative, I’ve decided putting stunning yet subtle designs on the back of glasses as a new challenge for me and to help with your Kitchen Renovations and Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

I have spent a lot of time glass painting to create some new modern pieces, whether they are artistic one off glass designs or my two or three colour floral swirly patterns. I am confident to say that I can help you design an award winning, stylish, modern kitchen using some of the glass designs I have perfected.
Your Imagination is our creation.

I enjoy coming up with creative glass designs and patterns using the right colour combinations. The choice is endless….

We use nothing, but the best materials suited to glass offering a 10 years guarantee on our painted glasses. All of our patterns are painted, not stickers. So there is no chance of bubbling or imperfections.

Inspiration, Imagination, Creation is what CGD stands for, whether it be an Architectural Feature or a beautiful, stunning, but subtle pattern kitchen design.

We are the first company able to design and paint One Off patterns through your glass feature whether it be a painted or tiled feature pattern in the glass, that you get the feature without having to painstakingly clean the old school grouted tile finishes or a pearl wood grain effect matched to your taste or even stunning marble effects enhanced with down lights.

My imagination never ceases to amaze me and I am always trying to do new things to take glass painting to new heights.